The CMRTO register of members contains information about members, some of which is available to the public. Since June 4, 2009, the CMRTO has been required to post the information in the register which is available to the public (the public register) on its website.  As of September 1, 2013, additional information has become available on the public register as a result of amendments to the CMRTO by-law. The public register allows the public to view certain information about a member and, in some cases, a past member, on the CMRTO website.

On rare occasions, the CMRTO receives reports that individuals who are not members may be seeking employment in medical radiation technology or holding themselves out as persons qualified to practise in Ontario as a member of the CMRTO. Click here for list of individuals who have sought out employment in medical radiation and imaging technology or have held themselves out as persons qualified to practise in Ontario as a CMRTO member.

Employers are strongly encouraged to use the public register to verify the membership status of every CMRTO member they employ.

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